Top 3 Reasons
Your Website Might be Anti-Sales and Anti-Talent

Generally speaking, most small business owners are either trying to grow their business (and increase their sales) to survive, or they may have a need to find the best talent to sustain and later enhance current growth.

The problem is most websites are anti-sales … and anti-talent (don’t attract the right employees).

Let's take a look at the Top 3 reasons for this, and at the end of the article, we'll discuss the steps you can take to create\update your website so it not only looks good, but also is sales-friendly and talent-friendly.

Reason #1: It's Not Clear What You Do

How many times have you done a search on Google, only to click on the site, shake your head in frustration, and hit the back button? The reason you were frustrated is because you were clearly looking for something, and that website didn't match up with what you wanted.

For example: Let's say you search for a plumber. Most of the time, what happens is, you land on the home page with a big image of a group of people standing in front of a van, and the next image scrolls in, proclaiming, “Family owned, in business for 40 years!” In the meantime, it’s still not clear if this is even a plumbing company can solve your problem.

This problem is usually because the wrong person wrote the copy (the text) and the wrong person chose the images for the website. If you're the business owner, or deeply involved in the business, it's best to let someone else do this for you.

A paragraph in the Wizard of Ads
books best illustrates this point: "Assuming the business owner knows best. The business owner is uniquely unqualified to see his company or product objectively. Too much product knowledge leads him to answer questions no one is asking. He's on the inside looking out, trying to describe himself to a person on the outside looking in. It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle."

So, it may seem counter-intuitive, but the best approach is to find someone who is OUTSIDE THE BUSINESS to write the copy and choose the images to describe your business to a future customer or future potential employee – both of which are on the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.

In today's world, you literally have seconds to clearly state what you do before that future customer hits the back button and goes to a competitor.

Reason #2: You Used a Web Designer to Create Your Site

The issue is web designers. As the name implies, they are not marketing people. They're not an advertising agency. They have different goals. Sometimes, (probably most of the time), they ask you to put together the copy (words and images) for the site, and they just want to piece it together and do the technical part. They went to design school or are programmers, and they definitely are not marketing people!

The end result is, the project takes forever to get done, and when it does get done, it's more of a brochure than a sales-generating machine. And though it may even look good, (after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder), the site’s often missing critical elements, such as a lead generation form.

When we take on a client, we make it easy. It starts with a kick-off meeting with your dedicated account executive, where we discuss the goal of your website, and ask a few simple questions about your business.

The most important person on your project team is the copywriter. That's the person that writes the words and helps pick out the images to clearly get your message across.

Your account executive is like the quarterback for your project, and will work with the copywriter, and web design team, to get your project completed with the minimal amount of time required from you.

Reason #3: Your Website Is Outdated (Not Mobile Friendly, Built Years Ago, Not Secure)

Websites today are built differently because they must support multiple devices. This is called responsive design. It allows your website to stretch, expand, and contract based up on the size of the device being used. This is called being mobile-friendly, yet it also ensures your website looks good on a tablet or desktop device.

Mobile-friendliness is a marketing issue. Your prospects and future customers are most likely viewing your website on a mobile device. The over 50% of website views occur on a mobile device. If your business relies on organic traffic from Google, they may penalize your website, and you may lose your rankings, especially if someone is searching on a mobile device.

From Google's perspective, if someone is searching on a mobile device, why should they show your website if it's not mobile-friendly? In addition to that, Google also is penalizing non-secure websites’ rankings and rewarding sites that are secure, so you must make sure your website is using a security certificate.


Starwood Media is an advertising agency -- we're not just "web designers” -- and this is our approach to creating websites.

Our first question is: What is the goal of your website? If it's about sales, or you want to attract the right talent into your business, but this is a small part of our thought process. Sometimes we may have a client that just wants a beautiful website; but you can’t forget about getting your message across in a clear way with immediacy.

Most of all, our websites are affordable, and, we offer payment plans as well.

Do you have 30 minutes to talk? If so, click here to schedule a strategy session to speak with one of our website specialists.